Scenario Modeling

Know Your Worth

Our scenario modeling tool helps you review the impact of future funding rounds on the capital structure and ownership of your company. Are you clear how much of it you’re selling?

Forget formulas and manual processes – just enter the numbers and we’ll crunch them. Our super smart software will do the calculations for you and allow you to build accurate models faster. Be crystal clear on dilution.

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Get the Picture

What impact will certain decisions have on your company? Remove ambiguity and see for yourself the changes that happen in various scenarios. Model the impact of funding rounds, note conversions and changes to the employee option pool. See what the company cap table will look like if the funding round is completed!
Plug in the numbers and see the dilutive impact of complex scenarios on founders, investors and on your outstanding employee equity pool.
Long term incentive plan

20/20 Vision

Don’t make decisions in the dark. Our scenario modeling tool keeps things crystal clear so that you can plan for your company’s future with all the information to hand. Ensure you don’t give away too much equity in your company! Forecast future growth and dilution. Do you have more than one funding offer on the table? No worries. Input the data and in a few clicks we can tell you the impact on ownership and valuation.
Employee Stock Purchase Plans

Harness the power of employee ownership

Each new investment will dilute the employee equity pool. Maintaining a strong employee stake in the company will help to drive growth, improve productivity, engagement and profitability. Our Scenario modelling tool allows you to incorporate increases in the plan pool with each new funding round.

Eliminate spreadsheets

Don’t rely on spreadsheets or old-school calculators. Through the growth platform you have a single source of truth that you can share with internal and external stakeholders. From employees to investors and VCs – show them the potential of their stake in your business.

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