What are Employee Equity Plans?

  • Employee equity plans are a progressive way of rewarding and retaining key employees. Equity Compensation unites the employer and employee in the pursuit of the success of the organisation. Employees are either afforded the opportunity to purchase, usually through bonus salary, or are granted, in the form of bonus, equity within the organization. If Employees are given the option to either buy stock or simply take the cash bonus, this is known as a share option plan and can be administered using specifically designed share options software.

    Different types of plans have varying degrees of complexity when it comes to the administration and reporting of each plan. However, regardless of the type of plan, it can still be very complicated, expensive, and time-consuming to think about setting up and maintaining an in-house share plan management team.

    This is why organisations look to external share plan administrators, such as Global Shares, to either outsource the administration of the plan or use their share administration solutions.

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  • Share Plan Services

What Share Plan Services do we provide?


    Fully or partially outsourcing your stock plan or share incentive plan or share option administration removes all of the complexity associated with share plan administration as you offload these complexities to an experienced administrator. Although this is by far the easiest option, it can also be the most expensive.

    Global Shares offers organizations the option to fully or partially outsource their share scheme administration. We have over 10 years’ experience in managing and administering employee share option schemes, including employee stock purchase plans. We have encountered all of the difficulties that arise when administering equity plans and have refined our operational processes through the years to provide the most efficient, cost-effective service possible.


    It is also very possible to administer an equity plan from a department within your organization using specifically designed equity administration software. If at all possible, try and find a service provider that includes implementation, client training and a designated ongoing operations team within their service offering.

    Global Shares’ administration software platform is EquityAdmin. This software is extensive in its functionality, covering everything from day-to-day administration to using BI Reporting to create intuitive, visual reports, eliminating the need for large, convoluted reports and excel spreadsheets.


    Complete share plan solutions should include an intuitive employee-facing platform, where they can buy and sell shares, exercise options (depending on the plan type), view equity statements, and have all the resources necessary in one place.

    As well as all of these essential elements, Global Shares offers EquityGateway, which allows organizations to personalize their participant portal with their own imagery, wording, and branding. This provides the employee with a familiar environment to comfortably interact with their share plan, ensuring that they get the most out of it.

  • Whatever your equity needs, Global Shares can offer you a one-stop solution with dedicated support all along the way.

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