Shareholder Services Management

Transform your participants’ experience

Global Shares is committed to providing first class equity administration services to companies around the world through our unrivalled technology offering and the depth of our equity expertise.

Our aim is to offer end-users simplified and transparent access to their company’s equity shareholdings, allowing them to make better-informed decisions regarding their shares and elections, thus improving their relationship with their employer.

Empower your shareholders – Invest in the best equity software

We provide each of your shareholders 24/7 interaction with their equity information. The EquityGateway provides employees with a personalised portal and unparalleled access to their equity holdings, enhancing their value and improving their perception of the company they work for.

  • See how Global Shares Solutions can transform your shareholder experience! Let us show you with a quick demo of our Software.

  • A Dedicated Service

    Our dedicated service team at Global Shares is always on hand.

    Shareholders will be looked after by a professional and extremely knowledgeable analyst who will be happy to offer valuable information as required by you.

Innovative Software

  • Dividend Information

    Ease of access to details of when dividends will be paid, price of past and upcoming dividends etc.

  • Transaction history

    Up-to-date information on recent transactions, with intuitive online EquityGateway summary statement.

  • Financial reporting

    Instant financial statements can be generated using our EquityGateway platform at the click of a button.

  • OLGA

    Paperless interactions and grant acceptance on the go thanks to our Online Grant Acceptance (OLGA) module

  • Tax calculators

    Essential transaction modeling tools to calculate any tax implications allowing for more informed decisions prior to making trades.

  • Single Sign On

    Freedom from passwords with one unique sign on system, granting shareholders access to multiple software systems.

  • Portal password reset

    On hand at all times for ease of resetting passwords allowing for access to a portal.

  • Accurate and timely responses

    Timely, efficient delivery of data and responses to queries is something the Global Shares team prides itself on.