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  • Equity for Growth

    Incentivizing your employees is more important than ever now as you look to increase productivity and performance.

    With an equity incentive plan administered by Global Shares, your business can tie an employee’s performance in with your business objectives while at the same time, staying tax-effective and having a positive effect on the business’s bottom line.

  • Design for the future

    When introducing an incentive scheme it’s important to consider what kind of scheme will work best for your business, as well as how it should be structured and implemented for maximum effectiveness.

    At Global Shares, we offer you a dedicated team of professionals who help you to design an equity compensation program tailor made to suit your requirements.

    We provide guidance on best practice for incentivizing staff with intuitive software and expert advice.


    Equity is a proven solution that helps retain and motivate staff, improve productivity and create a stable and loyal workplace.

    The cost of recruitment often means that it is more cost effective to retain existing staff who are performing well, rather than recruit new people.

Global Shares offers a suite of software tools to allow your participants to interact, understand, and appreciate what it is their company is providing for them in the form of equity compensation.

We have a range of communication tools that effectively inform your participants how to engage in company schemes and plans.

We offer a customizable website with your company’s branding and message to maximize your employee engagement.

This web portal can be tailor made to each participant, which helps them to realize their value to you, and the value you provide to them.