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4 Client Wins at GEO Industry Awards

Content Team May 11, 2022 mins read

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4 Client Wins at GEO Industry Awards

Global Shares is delighted to congratulate our clients Saudi Aramco, Campari Group, Kindred Group and Sage Group on their recent success at the Global Equity Organization’s 23rd annual conference, which took place in Chicago from the 27th – 29th April 2022.

The GEO Awards, now in their 23rd year, are the global equity and executive compensation community’s prestigious Annual Awards where the amazing achievements of individuals and teams who deliver the very best in equity excellence for their employees are recognised and celebrated.

This year’s awards were presented to a total of 14 companies across ten categories, chosen from companies headquartered in 16 different countries, employing from as few as 146 to more than 2.3 million employees.

Global Shares’ client wins included:

GEO Award Wins 2022 Global Shares - Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco – Best Use of a Share Plan in an Emerging Market

Saudi Aramco’s share plan was recognized for supporting its inclusive and diverse corporate culture, which has created a sense of purpose and ownership for all employees, no matter their age, gender or nationality.


GEO Award Wins 2022 Global Shares - Campari

Campari – The Judges’ Award

Using a creative multi-channel communications strategy to educate employee on their original ESOP, Campari deciphered the process leading to excellent employee participation.

GEO Award Wins 2022 Global Shares - Kindred Group

Kindred – Most Innovative Plan Design

Kindred were recognised for their innovation in providing equity share plans to employees by valuing their feedback and taking a new approach to their share plan design, which resulted in exceptional employee engagement.

GEO Award Wins 2022 Global Shares - Sage

Sage – Best in Financial Education

Previous winners for Best Plan Communication in 2020, Sage has continued to take a creative approach to educating and communicating with their employees on the benefits of employee ownership.

At Global Shares we passionately believe in the power of employee ownership and we are extremely proud of our clients for their hard work and dedication to their employee equity plans. Huge congratulations to all the winners!

For more information on the GEO Awards you can view the 2022 Winners Book, or visit the GEO 23rd Annual Conference website.

About the Global Equity Organization

GEO Award Wins 2022 Global Shares - Global Equity Organization

The Global Equity Organization (GEO) is a member-founded and member-driven not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding of equity compensation worldwide through a global community of well-informed professionals. GEO provides its members – regardless of location, position or affiliation – opportunities to share and learn about the strategic, governance, financial, cultural, legal, tax, communication and administrative issues affecting equity-based employee compensation around the world, from the fundamentals to the latest market intelligence.

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