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Ep 1 | Lifting the Lid on VC Term Sheets with Jonathan Hollis

Ep 1 | Lifting the Lid on VC Term Sheets with Jonathan Hollis

Welcome to the first ever episode of Let’s Take Stock, a Global Shares podcast for emerging companies on their high-growth journey.

In each episode, we’ll take a look at what’s going on in the VC and startup landscape and share our insights on how you can leverage your equity to help take your company to the next level.

We’ll be joined by people from across the industry to talk about all things growth and scaling up.

From fundraising and VCs to employee equity and market expansion, our goal is to help you navigate the startup roadmap with special insights and insider tips from our experts.

In our first episode we’ll be exploring the world of VC terms sheets and are delighted to be joined by VC and Mountside Ventures Managing Partner, Jonathan Hollis.

Jonathan recently set out on a mission to demystify the VC term sheet and bring some well-needed market standardization to the table by surveying over 200 VC firms.

They’ve released their findings in a report that you can read here, or for more exclusive insights, listen below or find us on Spotify.

Ep 1: Lifting the Lid on VC Term Sheets with Jonathan Hollis

Ep 1: Lifting the Lid on VC Term Sheets with Jonathan Hollis

Topics discussed

  • The three key elements of a Term Sheet
  • What are the most common asks
  • Lessons learned from 200+ VC firms
  • The share types you need to know
  • How it can go wrong for the founder and how to avoid disaster
  • Tips to negotiate a better deal
  • Who pays the deal fees

Meet our guest

Jonathan Hollis founded and led PwC’s Raise programs which helps early stage companies raise their first major institutional funding.  He has served as chair of Tech London Advocate’s SaaS Group and on the committee of London’s Society for Chartered Accountants, supporting and representing London’s 16,000 Chartered Accountants.

Today, he is a Managing Partner with Mountside Ventures, who optimize the fundraising process for European startups and investors. They partner with founders in raising their next round of funding (Late seed to Series B). They also work with Limited Partners and Family Offices in identifying the next generation of venture capital funds.

More information

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