Own Up Podcast: Listen to Episode 1 & 2 Now

Content Team December 16, 2021

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Own Up Podcast: Listen to Episode 1 & 2 Now

We’re excited to announce the launch of Own Up, a Global Shares podcast all about equity compensation and employee ownership.

Hosted by our very own experts and long-time friends, Chris Dohrmann and John Bagdonas. Own Up takes a deep dive into the ever-changing equity landscape, examining the latest business trends and what they mean for your equity.

From the post-pandemic economy to the gender equity pay gap, Chris and John share their wealth of knowledge on the industry’s hottest topics and are joined each episode by a leading equity expert from some of the biggest names in the business.

Listen to episodes 1 and 2 below.

And, don’t forget to ‘follow’ Own Up on your podcast player of choice to stay up to date on the latest equity compensation trends.

Episode 1: Equity in a Post-Pandemic World  

The pandemic changed the way we do business. It also changed the equity compensation landscape. In October, Chris and John caught up with Terry Adamson to discuss what they’ve seen in the last 18 months and whether these new trends will stick around.

Terry, otherwise known as Mr. Relative TSR, has designed over 800 global employee stock purchase plans and is a former Global Practice Leader for the insurance giant, AON, where he oversaw all of their equity and governance services.

Ep 1: Equity in a Post-Pandemic World with Terry Adamson

Ep 1: Equity in a Post-Pandemic World with Terry Adamson

Episode 2: What’s New for 2022: Equity, Tax and Legislation

As we say goodbye to 2021, Chris and John look at what’s come in the year ahead. Joining Chris and John is Jennifer George – attorney and partner at PwC. From potential changes in Capital Gains Tax,  a rise in employee migration, and possible SALT deductions, to the future of the traditional IPO and the emergence of new remote working policies, Chris, John and Jennifer share their predictions for the next 12 months.

Jennifer specializes in the tax and legal complexities of offering employee equity plans on a global scale. She has worked with thousands of private and public US multinationals – helping them overcome the obstacles of providing employee benefits overseas – with a particular focus on plan structure and design and US equity tax.

Ep 2: What's New in 2022: Equity, Tax and Legislation with Jennifer George

Ep 2: What's New in 2022: Equity, Tax and Legislation with Jennifer George

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