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Ep 4 | The Gender Equity Pay Gap with Cally Bruce

Ep 4 | The Gender Equity Pay Gap with Cally Bruce

Employees who are paid less for the same job don’t get to finish the day earlier. So, what can we do about it? 

As we continue the conversation we started in episode 3, we are joined by Carver Edison’s Chief Revenue Officer, Cally Bruce, who believes the answer lies with compensation education and transparency across all aspects of the recruitment and onboarding process.

Cally Bruce is Carver Edison’s Chief Revenue Officer. She works directly with issuers and plan administrators to spur the modernization of Employee Stock Purchase Plans through Carver Edison’s proprietary technology, Cashless Participation®. She also oversees Carver Edison’s marketing initiatives and participant support. 

Prior to Carver Edison, Cally worked at CommonBond where she was responsible for their partnership with Empower Retirement and specifically implementing their joint GTM strategy and product launch for Empower’s tens-of-thousands of clients, alongside her direct enterprise book of business. In her role with CommonBond, she focused on helping companies to understand IRC-127 and its application across employee FinWell benefits. 

After Learnvest, where Cally worked as Director of Strategic Partnerships both prior to and after Learnvest’s acquisition by Northwestern Mutual, she lived in Ireland, before eventually coming back to New York. 

Across Cally’s career, she has helped FinTechs in the EU and US with their GTM strategies. She has worked with clients including American Express, JP Morgan Chase, Disney, Barclays, and a host of other F500. 

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Ep 4: Gender Equity Pay Gap Part 2 with Cally Bruce

Ep 4: Gender Equity Pay Gap Part 2 with Cally Bruce

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