Product News: November 2023

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Product News: November 2023

As we inch toward the holiday season, we’re delighted to share some of the latest product enhancements we’ve been working on. Share plan administrators will enjoy another newly enhanced Business Intelligence dashboard for their award and grant reporting needs, while participants using the mobile app will appreciate the latest options to further personalize their experience and gain easy access to important documentation such as tax and regulatory statements. 

Introducing the Grant Balance Insights Dashboard

We recently retired our old Grant Balance dashboard to make room for the new and improved Grant Balance Insights dashboard. Corporate users of the Reporting & Analytics area can use this dashboard for key insights and reporting on grants and awards. 

The dashboard presents grant and awards data using powerful visualizations such as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), charts, and robust reporting functionality. Its integration of FX rates ensures that balances are displayed in both security and reporting currencies. 

Analyze Data on a Granular Level

The dashboard’s use of switch dimension functionality means you can drill down into granular sets of data and study the finer details of your company’s share plan activity without having to jump from one dashboard to another. 

Highlights for admin users include the dashboard’s quick access to key information such as: 

  • Total number of grants (issued versus outstanding) 
  • Grant balances by participant status (active vs terminated) 
  • Grant balance by tax country 

For more information on improvements to the Reporting & Analytics area, check out our latest product blog, Reporting & Analytics: 3 Newly Enhanced Dashboards.

Reporting Updates to Improve the User Experience

In addition to new dashboards, our Reporting & Analytics platform also underwent a technology upgrade this month which has resulted in significant improvements in performance and faster loading times of dashboards. This enhancement is designed to offer you a more efficient and responsive reporting experience.

Mobile App: New Look and Layout

The mobile app has undergone changes to improve its look and feel and expand the app’s features to match those on the employee portal. Using the app, participants can now: 

  1. View Profile Information: This includes the ability to view bank account information, address, and contact details.  
  2. Edit Account Preferences: Users can now customize their app experience by setting language and currency preferences, enabling a dark or light mode, managing biometrics, and resetting passwords and multi-factor authentication (MFA). 
  3. Access Tax and Regulatory Statements: In the Documents section, users can view and download tax and regulatory statements, such as 1099 statements and Client Asset (FINRA) statements if applicable.  
  4. Explore Global Shares: The ‘About Us’ tab provides information about Global Shares, covering areas such as Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions.  

These updates are designed to empower users with more control over their account settings and provide access to key information while on the go. 

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