Product News: September 2023

Content Team October 18, 2023 mins read

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Product News: September 2023

We’re happy to announce some of the latest product updates we’ve been working on that are now available for use within the corporate and employee portals. From reporting enhancements for share plan administrators to fostering transparency for your employees; there’s something for everyone.   

Insights Into Employee Participation

Our new Participant Insights Dashboard, located within the Analytics & Reporting area of the corporate portal, provides valuable insights into your participant data, and can help you in understanding your company’s organizational and demographic information such as: 

  • Active and inactive participants 
  • Insight into why employees left the organization 
  • Employee location, role, and citizenship  

The dashboard also provides detailed reports which can be exported in CSV or Excel formats for further analysis and reporting purposes 

Latest Features on the Mobile App

We’re excited to announce the following updates to the Global Shares mobile app

  • Language Support: The mobile app now supports Greek, Turkish, and German, expanding our list of supported languages to 11. 
  • Tax Documentation: Where participants are subject to 1099 reporting they can now view and download these statements through the mobile app. 
  • iOS Support: Support for iOS 13 and 14 will be discontinued. Users are advised to upgrade to a higher iOS version for an enhanced user experience. If you haven’t done so already, update to the latest version of the app to ensure you have access to all of these latest feature enhancements.  

Real-time Share Price Display for US Listed Companies

For shares listed on US stock exchanges real-time share price information is now displayed on the sale and exercise wizard for both the desktop portal and mobile app. This enhancement provides important real-time market information, giving your participants access to full price transparency before submitting their trade requests.  

It also ensures Global Shares compliance with Rule 603 of Regulation NMS (otherwise known as the Vendor Display Rule).

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