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The Road to IPO: Ensuring your employees and their compensation plans are ready

Content Team June 1, 2021 mins read

About the team

J.P. Morgan Workplace Solutions’ Content Team comprises a dynamic and talented team of writers and experienced professionals who strive to deliver useful equity insights and simplify complex equity information, all with the aim of helping you to better understand equity management.

The Road to IPO: Ensuring your employees and their compensation plans are ready

The key to a successful IPO is the people you meet along the way. You change, they change, the relationships change.

In this webinar our experts will take you through all the key stakeholder relationships in an IPO process; how they evolve, how you can manage them, and how you can get your equity compensation strategy lined up to make the IPO leap a successful one.

We’re joined by Terry Adamson, Managing Director, Technical Compensation Advisors, and a vastly experienced practitioner when it comes to employee share plans having designed over 800 plans globally.

We explore how you can manage your shareholders, management and participants, regulators, and proxy advisors when going public – and why you’ll need to bring your communications to a whole new level to connect all the dots.

To view the webinar, please click below.

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