Worldwide Expansion continues for Global Shares

Content Team June 15, 2016 mins read

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Worldwide Expansion continues for Global Shares

Global Shares, an industry-leading provider of equity compensation software and administration services, continues to broaden its global presence with the opening of a South American headquarters.


Following the announcement of a 3-year expansion plan earlier this year, Global Shares is proud to confirm the official opening of a South American base. São Paulo, Brazil’s financial epicenter and one of the biggest business centers in the world, is now home to a Global Shares office. This will act as the main office for operations spanning the continent of South America. As the Latin American market for Employee Equity Compensation is currently experiencing exponential growth, Global Shares is now on location to gain a foothold in this emerging market.

Global Shares would like to officially welcome Seamus Geraghty on board as the Managing Director of our new Brazilian office. Seamus, with over 20 year’s professional experience in the Brazilian business environment, will undoubtedly be a valuable asset to the Company. Seamus brings with him a wealth of knowledge, having specialized in areas such as International Capital Advising, Banking & Corporate Finance Law, International Tax & Trade and Cross-Border Structures. Along with an extensive list of expertise, Seamus also brings long-established relationships with South American companies and financing institutions which will be of great benefit to Global Shares’ latest venture.

I am delighted to be joining the Global Shares team at such a prosperous time for the Company. The response to the expansion to South America has been phenomenal as the popularity of employee stock options is on the rise in this market.”

Seamus Geraghty – Managing Director, Brazil

With an impressive performance history both in Brazil and internationally, Seamus brings to Global Shares an expert insight into the South American market. His renowned business reputation and comprehensive expertise combined with our exceptional product offering means success is inevitably on the horizon.”

Tim Houstoun – CEO, Global Shares

To coincide with the launch of Global Shares’ South American operation the Company has launched product videos in Portuguese, with additional languages soon to follow:

Watch our Portuguese videos here!

International expansion continues to create unlimited growth opportunities for Global Shares. The company’s new stronger global presence will not stop at South America with plans for new European and Asian offices already in motion. Exciting times ahead for Global Shares.


Global Shares Brazil,

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