Beause the best Equity Software solution requires the best people


We Are

  • Client Driven

    Offering personalized software and service, tailored to your requirements to maximize your return on investment.

  • Innovative

    Our people are the driving force behind our commitment to better products, services and processes.

  • Teamwork

    Striving to be the best in the industry to work with by practicing in a culture of openness, trust and respect.

  • Creative

    Problem solvers that aim to create solutions where others have fallen short.

  • Stock Plan Community Participation

    At Global Shares we offer clients the highest levels of security when it comes to their data. We maintain accurate Plan registers and consistently liaise with your payroll operators/controllers to make sure that all tax consequences are captured for both local and mobile employees. Our expert legal department ensures that international guidelines are constantly observed allowing your company to feel secure in its daily operations.

  • Global Shares values

  • Santa Clara University

  • The Certified Equity Professional

    The Certified Equity Professional examinations are administered by the Certified Equity Professional Institute (CEPI), a non- profit program offered by Santa Clara University. The curriculum for the CEP tests is Accounting, Administration, Equity Plan Design, Corporate and Securities Law, and Taxation. Certified Equity Professionals (those who have passed the level 3 exam) have mastery over Accounting, Administration, Equity Plan Design, Corporate and Securities Law, and Taxation. Global Shares has 24 CEPI Professionals working in a variety of roles throughout the company.

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Giving Back

  • Volunteer Days

    Each and every Global Shares employee is encouraged to spend one day each calendar year working with a non-profit group in their local community, investing their time to make their community a better place. Where the employee spends their time is strictly up to each individual.

  • Surf 2 Heal

    In July 2014, one of our Share Plan Analysts, Fiona Lehane took part in Surf2Heal Camp. Surf2Heal is an organization set up to teach children with autism how to surf. This camp highlights the enormous benefits the sea may provide to children with autism. Fiona opted to take a volunteer day to help teach the kids how to surf.

Camp Wastahi

Global Shares supports Camp Wastahi, a children’s resident summer camp available to children from low income households. Our SVP of Global Client Solutions, Patricia Boepple took over the running of this non-denominational summer camp in 2004. The camp is based in the town of Felton, California and when the local council disbanded, Patricia and others stepped in to keep this opportunity available to children. The camp offers children the chance to enjoy a summer camp in an outdoor setting with wonderful campfires and trail walks, epitomizing the camps values, WAter STArs and HIlls. To find out more visit campwastahi.org.

Environmental Policy

  • Promote awareness

    We will inform and motivate all our staff and encourage them to play an active role in Global Shares plc commitment to its environmental policy.

  • Procurement

    We will use Global Shares  purchasing policy to favour suppliers and contractors that adopt best environmental practices.

  • Continuous improvement

    We will set specific improvement targets, monitor progress and communicate results internally.

  • Property management

    We are always improving our buildings. We will construct, refurbish and manage our buildings in a manner that will reduce the associated environmental impacts and be sympathetic with the external surroundings. By addressing the issue of energy efficiency in our buildings, we will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in line with national and international agreements.

  • Waste Management

    We will continue to promote, develop and implement waste prevention, reduction, reuse and recycling on-site in a systematic and cost effective manner. We will use appropriately regulated waste management contractors to ensure safe management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste sent off-site in accordance with best environmental practice. We will work closely with our suppliers and customers towards achieving our environmental policy aims.

  • Environment and the community

    We will continue to work with the local community by initiating environmental initiatives on-site and encouraging local environmental initiatives and reporting on environmental issues of public interest.