Successful partnerships are often times the key to success in business. Strategies are aligned, time is invested, commitments are made, trust is instilled and ultimately greater value can be afforded to clients. Here at Global Shares we partner with various third party providers, leveraging on one another’s strengths to provide the highest quality software and services in the Employee Equity Compensation Industry.


Our highly skilled, accomplished partners serve many important functions on behalf of our clients. The wealth of experience, professionalism and support that our partners give to us is second to none, allowing us to deliver sterling services and software solutions to our customers. Below is a selection of associations who Global Shares are extremely proud to call partners:

  • StockCross-a Global Shares Partner

  • Share-Plan-Partners-a Global Shares partner

  • RM2-Partners-a Global Shares partner

  • kpmg-a Global Shares Partner

  • PWC-a Global Shares partner

  • JPMorgan-a Global Shares partner

  • Merrill Lynch-a Global Shares partner

  • charles-schwab-a Global Shares partner

  • Ubs-a Global Shares partner

  • ProShare-a Global Shares partner

  • Cannacord-a Global Shares broker

  • Numis-a Global Shares partner

  • Pretium Asia-a Global Shares partner

  • Elian-a Global Shares partner

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