Tired of merging data sets? Look no further!


Better decisions made faster

  • Global Shares’ equity management software eliminates the time spent with spreadsheets and enables businesses to make better decisions within a shorter time frame.

    We offer a comprehensive suite of reports available to clients as part of everyday equity plan administration. We can create a range of report types from multiple production to ad-hoc reports and equity analytics, all of which are delivered to clients by a skilled team of share plan analysts.

    These reports allow for dynamic data manipulation where you can transform raw data sets into a professional, bespoke statement.

The effective measurement of business performance requires timely analysis.

Many operational barriers like merging data sets, data analysis across different systems and packaging information and analytics for executives can cause delays and lead to manual errors.

Equity Analytics

    • Restricted Stock Granted
    • Restricted Stock Vested
    • Restricted Stock Future Vest
    • Restricted Stock Release and Demographic
    • Annual 6039 forms
    • Reports supporting requirements of U.S. GAAP or IFRS
    • Capitalization Tables
    • Stock ledgers
    • Options Granted
    • Options Forfeited
    • Options Future Vest
    • Options Exercised

    Global Shares’ equity analytics reporting software boasts a robust platform from which ad-hoc, customized reports are available.

    The flexibility of the system allows reports to be tailor made to suit the needs of the plan.

    Delivery of these reports is always assisted by an experienced team of analysts, who are there for you to manage and deliver reports on request.

Up-to-the-minute, live information

Reports can be delivered either on request or automated, using our self-service online interactive reporting feature.

The benefits of an online reporting facility for clients are abundant and include the ability to gather up-to-the-minute information, provide a live feed of share price information, track multiple exchange rates, analyze and reshape reports in real time.

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