The Complete Guide to SAYE (save-as-you-earn) Schemes

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An SAYE scheme allows employees to save a fixed amount of their salary for a fixed amount of time in exchange for the opportunity to buy shares in their company at the end of the time period – often at lower than the market price – and receive significant tax benefits compared to regular earnings


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What is an SAYE?

Save as you earn (SAYE) schemes allow employees to buy stocks or shares in their own company at a fixed price over an agreed period, often at a discount, and grant significant tax advantages when compared to regular earnings.


How does
an SAYE work?

An SAYE scheme begins with the company making an offer to all their employees. At its most fundamental level, this offer will include the amount of money each month you as an employee can save, the time period that you can save for, and the stock price you will be able to buy at when the scheme expires. .
If you decide to participate in the SAYE scheme, you choose how much you want to invest and for how long (subject to limitations). At the end of the scheme, you will have two options: .
During the savings period, the money will sit in a qualified savings account, run and managed by an approved savings carrier.
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