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Frequently asked questions

A. To access your Employee Portal, you need to talk to your plan administrator for the correct web link, which is unique to your company. This is usually someone from your finance, HR or compensation and benefits department. Once you have the correct URL, you’ll be able to log in to your portal. 

A. On the home screen of your Employee Portal click “Forgot Login Details” and follow the steps in order to receive a link to reset your password.

A. Your portal will display an “Exercise Stocks”, “Sell Stocks “and “Transfer Stocks” function tab. Please follow the onscreen instructions in order to complete any of these transactions. Before confirming, you will have the opportunity to review the transaction request.

A. Your portal will display a “XXXXX” statement tab where you may verify all the information regarding your stocks.


A. Our service desk will be glad to assist you. While local laws vary, we will typically need documentation regarding the participant’s estate, which will include a will, death certificate, and letters testamentary. Having those items in hand when you reach out to us will enable us to assist you more efficiently. Please contact us at [email protected], so that we can address your inquiry in greater detail.

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If you have any questions, please call us on one of the numbers below:

English (Europe) +353 768 888 002
English UK +44 330 808 1845
English US +1 646 968 0653

Monday – Friday
8.00am – 11pm GMT (GMT +1h during summer time)

Polish +48 223 970 845
Finnish +358 942 455 746
Swedish +46 101 388 210
Czech +420 228 880 593
Norwegian +47 239 608 89

Monday – Friday
8.00am – 5pm GMT (GMT +1h during summer time)

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