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  • Shareholder Services Online

    The Global Shares EquityGateway product is a highly innovative web based solution that allows a share owner unprecedented access and control over their private company shares.

    From grant acceptance to tax elections, to selling shares and exercising options, the EquityGateway provides a share owner with 24/7 shareholder services with all of their equity information on any device and significant administration efficiencies and cost reduction for the employing companies.

Private Company Shares

Managed online with our accessible EquityGateway participant portal

  • Shareholder Services

  • Customization & Communication

    The Global Shares EquityGateway allows clients to customize the share owner experience from both a branding and content perspective.

    This flexibility means share owners interact with their private company shares in an environment that is consistent with their company’s language, ethos and corporate identity.

    This powerful shareholder services channel allows clients to direct and centralize key communications to the share owner.

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  • Real Time Equity Data

    Central to our online shareholder services is an equity information overview, showing the shareowner their private company shares.

    Shareowners can view balances such as granted, vested, exercised, sold, transferred and more… with the ability to drill down to fine detail such as transaction history and vesting events and all of this information can be printed or exported in digital formats.

  • EquityGateway – A clever idea

    Provide your participant with a platform to engage with fellow shareholders.

  • Ease of Use for Share Owner

    Accessibility is at the core of EquityGateway shareholder services. The private company transaction wizards make it simple for participants when moving or cashing out their private company shares. Multiple wizards facilitate transactions such as option exercise, share redemption, share transfer and non-profit gifting and share conversion with the facility for clients to add or remove steps from the wizards.

  • Share Owner Education

    The EquityGateway also offers extensive company shareholders information & training resources such as share owner video tutorials, client specific frequently asked questions & glossaries, categorized and personalized document management, and share price performance metrics. Of particular value to participants, is the ability to discover the power of their private company shares through the intuitive modelling tools which allow participants to calculate potential gains by simulating a variety of share transactions.

  • Share Owner International Capability

    Our global portfolio of private company equity clients demonstrates how we are highly experienced in the management of shareholder services across a wide range of jurisdictions.

    Our talented private company share analyst teams are fluent in a variety of languages, and this coupled with our best in class private company shares software, which provides shareholder services online as well as being a sophisticated, dynamic, multi-lingual and multi-currency share owner portal, is guaranteed to give your share owners the best experience possible.

With EquityGateway, participants may…