Live Stock Option Trading

Real-time trading through your personalized portal

  • Global Shares Software is custom-built to facilitate real-time trading in a secure online environment. Our trading tool is used by companies in 100+ countries worldwide.

    It has many advantages, giving employees 24/7 access to their equity holdings, returning instant confirmations when participants complete live market transactions.

  • Stock Option Trading

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  • Stock Option Trading


    Live Trading and Share Price feeds

    Our system is developed to display live feeds directly from the global stock markets, giving the participant up-to-date share prices and foreign exchange rates on their participant portal.

    Access to this up-to-date share feed facilitates participants in making a fully informed trades.

  • Reduced Risk

    Prevent delays in trades and reduce risk of error with our secure intuitive notification center.

  • Usability

    We make trading easy for participants with step-by-step transaction wizards that guide the user through the process.

  • Automation

    Automate and enhance processes for equity administrators and brokers dealing with the exercising and selling of shares.

Plugged in – Global stock exchange listings

Global Shares has access to every stock exchange listing worldwide. Using FIX Financial Information UK or Telekurs, our share price feed information is updated in real-time to enable live trading.

  • Bespoke API Links

    Global Shares has direct links to selected brokerage firms with whom we have developed bespoke application programming interface (API) connections, allowing us to display up-to-date share prices and exchange rates. We can develop bespoke applications to align with new and existing clients and their partners.

  • Up-to-the-minute Stock Option Trading

    Global Shares live stock option trading functionality eliminates the delays caused by manual processing. No matter how complex your valuation standard is, Global Shares can create a tailor-made participant gateway to accommodate your needs.

  • How does live Stock Option Trading work?

    Global Shares offers a fully-customizable branded employee EquityGateway to companies allowing participants to view, model and exercise options, as well as sell or transfer shares. This online trading gateway makes it very easy for the user to transact, simply following the instructions of our step-by-step transaction wizards. Participants can even route their trades directly from the online portal to Global Shares Execution Services or a broker of their choice.

“Global Shares’ direct links to brokerage firms has many advantages”