Successful Stock Options Software

  • With software specifically designed with you in mind, you benefit from a user-friendly experience. You benefit from instant access to a full range of stock options software services customized to your company’s specific needs, including equity support services and financial reporting.

    Global Shares provide best-in-class employee equity solutions for companies of all sizes, both public and private, across the USA and worldwide. Join the success story and you too can benefit from extremely efficient and cost effective, low maintenance, cloud-based stock options software.

    The efficient and intuitive nature of our fully-customizable products and the customer-centric support from our equity experts is a major factor in our client’s success. Our clients prefer the user-friendly and straightforward outcome they get from EquityAdmin, our stock options software platform.

    By opting for our specially designed stock options software you don’t need to worry about annoying admin difficulties as you and your employees benefit from an excellent participant experience and service.

  • The Global Shares Stock Options Software builds each product with four key factors in mind; Accuracy, Security, Efficiency and Comprehensiveness.

    Considering that your company has its own specific requirements and priorities, these four elements provide a solid base to your customized Stock Options Software.

    • Accuracy
    • Comprehensiveness
    • Security
    • Efficiency


  • Transform your Employee Equity Management with Global Shares Stock Options Software!
    Let us show you how with a quick demo of our Software


What type of Company are you?

From the small business to the global enterprise, thousands of
customers choose Global Shares Equity Software.

No plan is too big. No company is too small.

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How can we help with your Equity Administration Solutions?

  • Choose from a wide range of Employee Equity Awards


  • Setup and Administer a range of Employee Plan Types


  • Automate your daily Stock Plan Transactions


  • Assign tasks to your team through Roles Management


  • Flexible Data Import and Export using Data Transformation


  • Generate Financial Reports and Equity Specific Statements


  • Easily Administer your Equity and Trading Events


  • Simple Integration with your internal HR and Payroll and 3rd Party Service Providers


Why our Clients love Global Shares Stock Options Software!

    • Software customized and branded to meet your company’s needs.
    • Extensive functionality of our Stock Options Software.
    • Expert equity advice and care they get from our dedicated customer support team.
    • You are assigned your own Personal Relationship Manager who understands your plan in detail.
    • Assistance at all stages during the set up process.
    • The best level of customer service, from implementation through to daily client support.
    • User-friendly and hassle free Software, Equity Admin.
    • A fully-automated and integrated solution providing an excellent participant experience.
    • You can rest assured that Global Shares is your partner of choice for Stock Administration Software.
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