• Global Shares provide the complete stock plan administration software solution to companies to manage equity plans for their employees, wherever they are in the world. Equity compensation solutions are complex and highly specialized, demanding rigorous reporting and compliance demands, pushing HR and Equity Compensation professionals to the limit every day.

    You require a one-stop solution, managed through an online, automated process, which synchronizes with payroll, HR, tax, accounting and reporting systems. This saves time and money and measurably reduces the risk of manual errors. Successful stock plan administration demands excellent communication and a superior participant experience. Global Shares has built the stock plan administration software that makes this possible.

    EquityAdmin is an award-winning share plan management platform, which replaces past administrative complexities with smart, simplified software, catering for every plan complexity and award type imaginable. It streamlines the day-to-day execution of transactions, with full automation of administration, tracking and reporting of all stock plan activities for companies.

    As a settings-based system, it allows menu items to be easily added or removed, giving you the flexibility to customize and optimize your participant’s online experience. EquityAdmin includes key features such as complex tax calculation, vesting & restriction capabilities, a highly flexible communication center, provision of share price, exchange rate feeds and multi-file format import / export capabilities.

  • All your Stock Plan Administration Software requirements are catered for, with a complete range of employee and HR equity administration services and financial reporting tools at your fingertips.

Benefits of Global Shares Stock Plan Administration Software

You will benefit from a system that is easy to set up, intuitive to use and offers you and your employees a fully customized solution. In addition we offer you:


  • Transparency on Fees & Expenses

    We know our clients do not like surprises. We all have budgets, and none us want to be in a position where we have to let the CFO know that our budget has been completely blown. Therefore our T&Cs allow for an annual fee, set at the beginning of the Contract, payable annually, up front.


  • Technology

    EquityAdmin has redefined the online share plan administration industry globally in terms of customisation, adaptability, ease of implementation, integration, functionality and user experience. The most modern software solution on the market, EquityAdmin is a web based system, delivering transactions and reporting in real-time. It has the highest degree of configurability, allowing processes and requirements to be easily set per jurisdiction, per payroll, per employee.


  • Service

    Our service model is delivered with a refreshing client-centric, friendly and professional approach. We deliver our services through a team-based business model, serviced by a dedicated Share Plan Analyst who is fully involved in the implementation and responsible for the ongoing day-to-day administration of the Plans. The Analyst works closely with your assigned Client Relationship Manager, who ensures that Global Shares is constantly aware of and meets your ongoing and changing requirements.


  • Timely and Accurate Reporting

    Our system is tailored to you to provide complete control over your data. Reports can be pre‐scheduled to meet your specific timing. Key stakeholders (e.g. Company Secretary, HR, finance and tax functions) can access the data online through our self‐service too.


  • Participant Portal

    EquityGateway is the most advanced online equity compensation platform, which includes the ability to personalise the screen to your branding specifications, thereby capturing the ‘look and feel’ of your company, which creates a more familiar environment for participants.


  • Automation

    We continue to drive manual processes out of the share plan life cycle, thereby reducing costs, eliminating risk and providing all stakeholders with a much-improved equity experience.


  • Access to Expertise and Thought Leaders

    Our team has the experience and expertise to address complicated and difficult issues. Members of our team are recognised by peers as industry leaders and regularly present at conferences run by industry organisations.


  • Flexibility and industry-leading response times

    Our approach is to customise solutions to meet our clients’ requirements by adapting our processes. In addition, Global Shares has tremendous flexibility to react to changes dictated by a shift in a client’s strategy or by a regulatory change.


  • A culture of employee-ownership

    We are an employee owned company and our team of people is our greatest asset. They are bright, motivated and very proud of what we have achieved.


What type of Company are you?

Whether you are a private, public, regional, national or worldwide corporation, reach out to get the expertise and tools you need to give your employees and executives an outstanding equity plan experience and get business reportig insights into all the activity within your employee plans, staying compliant with regulatory requirements.

No plan is too big. No company is too small.

Public Company   Private Company

How our Stock Plan Administration Software can help you

Stock Plan Administration Software

  • Employee Stock Plan Administration Software

    You can quickly set up your equity plan and awards from a wide range of types including ISOs, PSS, CSARs, SSARs, RSUs, RSAs, PSUs, Executive Stock Plan Options, Performance & Phantom shares, NQSOs, Cash-based, warrants and a wide range of other custom stock award types.


  • Employee Stock Plan Types

    You can manage a wide range of employee stock plan types including Approved and Unapproved purchase plans, ESPPs, LTIP’s, JSOP’s and custom types.


  • Automation

    You can quickly and efficiently simplify your day-to-day equity plan and share transactions with automation features in your Stock Plan Administration Software for exercises, restricted stock vesting, terminations, expirations, etc.


  • Stock Plan Administration Roles

    You can efficiently organise your team’s assignments and tasks with our role administration features including administrators, read only users, financial reporting, HR reporting only, reports only, etc.


  • Data Management

    Your plan can be easily and efficiently setup using our EquityAdmin flexible data import tools. You can export information to many regular management reporting tools in multiple formats. Read more at our Data Transformation blog! Data Transformation blog!


  • Equity Plan Statements and Reporting

    You can easily and quickly generate the reports you need from our comprehensive range of equity-specific statements and financial reports.


  • Stock Plan Administration Equity Events

    You can automate and manage all your equity plan windows and events with a comprehensive range of equity-specific software modules and administrative tools.


  • Complete Integration

    You get the benefits of our fast, complete, integrated, cloud-based EquityAdmin solution for integrating your HR, payroll and third party service providers.


Global Coverage

  • Stock Plan Administration Software map

  • You get local coverage, national expertise and worldwide experience from Global Shares and our partner network from our experience working with a diverse range of clients and stock plan types across the United States and globally.

    Corporations can have a wide variety of different priorities and requirements, however most share the following essential features:

    • Precision
    • Comprehensiveness
    • Security
    • Efficiency

What you can expect working with Global Shares Stock Plan Administration Software

  • All your requirements, questions and concerns are discussed, documented and addressed in your opening ‘Discovery’ meeting, to identify how we can best meet your needs.
  • You are allocated your own skilled experts including our Certified Equity Professionals (CEPs) and in-house Software Developers to guide you through the process.
  • A complete solution is scoped out specific to your needs and quickly set up, configured and implemented.
  • All your Grants Types, Stock Awards and Equity Plans are managed online, from small executive stock option plans to large global equity plans or custom share award types.
  • You are assigned your own Client Relationship Manager (CRM) who will get to know your requirements and your plan in-depth, assisting you at all stages.
  • You and your employees will have a positive stock plan experience thanks to our comprehensive technology offering and our dedicated expert service teams
  • You can significantly reduce your HR and administration workload and costs with our advanced Participant Portal.
  • You get all the tools you need on our EquityAdmin Stock Plan Administration to manage your information, assist employees and satisfy compliance with the rules and regulations.
  • You save time and money – Global Shares technology will help you be highly efficient, enabling you to deliver significant cost and time savings to your company.
  • Our clients love the simplified, user-friendly solution they get from our EquityAdmin Stock Plan Administration Software platform, removing past administrative complexities and delivering an excellent service and experience for your employees.

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  • Our Team would be delighted to speak to you about your Share Plan Administration requirements. Request a free consultation with a Global Shares expert now and learn how our EquityAdmin software can transform your Employee Equity Plan Administration.