• Employee ownership is one of the major methods of motivating employees in the workplace, retaining valued staff members, and attracting new talent. Stock Plans as employee incentives are a developing and effective way for employers to achieve enhanced productivity in the company, this applies to corporations of any size, both public and private. Keeping this in mind, a competent Stock Plan Administrator is an extremely effective business tool. Your employee share plans can be administered by Global Shares in n, cost effective and way.

    Motivate your employees with a superior stock plan service managed by the leading Stock Plan Administrator in the industry. Stock plan administration experts, Global Shares offer industry-leading software, expert customer support services and integrated trading tools, helping you save time and money from the very start.

    You benefit from a quick and easy set-up, efficient performance and exceptionally low maintenance costs thanks to Global Shares cloud-based technology. Our software is designed with the end user in mind, paying attention to flexibility and ease-of-use. As your Stock Plan Administrator, Global Shares make sure that 100% of your requirements are provided for from day one, with options from a complete range of employee and HR equity administration services, compliance and financial reporting.

  • All your Share Plan Administration requirements are catered for, with a complete range of employee and HR equity administration services and financial reporting tools at your fingertips.

  • Choose the right Share Plan Administrator for you! Let us show you how with a quick demo of our Software.


What type of Company are you?

Whether you’re part of a small or large company, private or public, international or provincial, you receive access to all the tools and expertise you need to give your employees an excellent equity plan service.

No company is too small. No plan is too big.

Public Company   Private Company

What can we do as your Stock Plan Administrator?

Stock Plan Administrator Global-Shares

  • Equity Awards

    You can instantly avail of a wide range of equity awards including Executive Stock Options, ISOs, RSUs, RSAs, PSUs, NQSOs, CSARs, SSARs, including Performance & Phantom shares, Cash-based, warrants and a variety of other custom award types.


  • Employee Plan Types

    You can administer a range of employee equity plan types including Approved and Unapproved purchase plans, ESPPs, LTIPs, JSOPs and a variety of other custom type plans.


  • Automation

    You can streamline your share plan transaction administration using our specialized automation features for exercises, sales, expirations, restricted stock vestings, terminations, etc.


  • Roles Management

    You can organize your team’s task assignments with our specialized role administration features and types including administrators, read only users, reports only, HR reporting only, financial reporting etc.


  • Data Management

    You can easily set up your plan using our flexible data import tools as well as export information to all the regular management reporting tools in multiple formats. Read more at our Data Transformation blog!


  • Statements and Reporting

    You can generate the reports you need in an instant from our complete range of equity-specific statements and financial reports.


  • Equity Events

    You can administer your equity and trading events such as stock splits or re-pricing quickly and easily.


  • Complete Integration

    You benefit from a fast, integrated, web-based solution between your HR and payroll departments, as well as third party service providers.


Global Coverage

  • Stock Plan Administrator Nationwide Coverage

  • You get instant access to the US and rest of the world through Global Shares’ partner network, a body of experienced equity professionals working with a diverse range of clients and plans.
    Your team of dedicated experts understand that every company’s equity incentive plan has different requirements and priorities but they all have the following essential basic features in common:

    • Precision
    • Comprehensiveness
    • Security
    • Efficiency

Benefits of Global Shares as your Stock Plan Administrator

  • All your requirements, queries and concerns can be voiced and discussed in an initial ‘Discovery’ session, this helps to best identify how Global Shares can meet your needs.
  • You are appointed a team of highly skilled experts including our In-house Software Developers and Certified Equity Professionals (CEPs) to guide you through the process.
  • Your complete Stock Plan Administration solution is set up and configured quickly and specifically for your company.
  • All of your Award and Plan types can be administered online, be it a small executive stock option plan, a large global stock plan or even custom awards.
  • You will be appointed a personal relationship specialist who will know you, your requirements and your plan in great detail and will be there to assist at all stages of the process.
  • As your Stock Plan Administrator, you and your employees will receive an extremely positive plan experience thanks to our sophisticated technology and our dedicated service teams.
  • You can significantly reduce both your costs and workload with our advanced Participant Portal, fully customized to your corporate brand.
  • You get complete access to all the tools you need to manage information, assist your employees and satisfy compliance related to your Stock Plan Administration.
  • You save time and money – by partnering with Global Shares as your Stock Plan Administrator, your company can run more efficiently, affording significant cost and time savings.
  • You instantly gain access to specialist expertise through your Stock Plan Administrator – We are focused in what we do.
  • Our clients prefer the simplified solution they get from EquityAdmin, the Stock Plan Administrator Software. This eliminates administrative burdens and delivers a superior service and experience for both you and your employees.

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