Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI), Simplified

Through Global Shares’ Growth Platform, you can seamlessly manage your EMI plan. With HMRC integration built-in, a team of experts on hand to ensure you’re getting it right year-on-year, alongside all its easy-to-use and top-class features, you’ll be better placed to attract, reward, motivate and retain top talent than ever before.   

Trusted by some of the biggest names in business, our employee equity management solutions help engage workers in more than 100 countries using 60+ currencies.
CAP table management

Cap Table Management

Your cap table will always lie at the core of any share option incentive plan. Managing your cap table will become more complicated as your company grows, but with the Growth Platform you’ll always know exactly who owns what in your company.

Through funding rounds, founders leaving, and the introduction of employee share plans, your cap table will become a living document; always accurate and secure.  

Long term incentive plan

Managing your EMI

Growth breeds complexity, and as you grow you need the right tools to make the complicated things simple again.

With our Growth Platform, you’ll be able to manage your EMI plan all in one place with a single source of truth. You’ll know at the touch of a button who owns how much of your company and have clear visibility of what impacts future liquidity events may have.

HMRC Integration

All your HMRC reporting requirements can be done directly though the platform. You’ll be able to generate your valuation for the HMRC, authorise your share pool within the app, grant options to employees and also rely on Global Shares support to register it with the HMRC.

Designing your EMI

A great incentive plan starts with great design. Our team of fully accredited share plan professionals will work with you to ensure your EMI is fully aligned with the vision you have for your company and the growth targets you need to meet.

Legal & Compliance

Our in-house team of lawyers and tax experts will make sure you are fully compliant with UK law and HMRC regulations. We will ensure you and your participants are eligible for the scheme year-after-year, and that all your data and documents are stored in a secure place.

Participant Portal

Your employees won’t feel the benefits of an incentive plan if they never see it. With our portal, you can grant user access to your investors and employees and allow them to use features you’ve given them permission to. This will allow them to see what potential pay-outs they are in line for and keep that incentive front of mind. The portal is fully customisable so you can give it your own unique look.

Scenario Modelling Calculator

Our in-built Scenario Modelling tool will mean you can predict the future with confidence. Simply enter the numbers and we’ll get to work, allowing you to build accurate models about the impact of inward investment and employee incentive plans on the ownership structure of the company.

Waterfall Analysis

When you’re a growing company it can be hard to see the true impacts of future funding rounds, exit valuations and other liquidity events. With our in-built Waterfall Analysis tool, you can see the real economic impact of these decisions without having to depend on complex formulas or multiple spreadsheets.

Grow with Global Shares

With terrific tax benefits, flexible design and a focus on growing companies, the EMI is a great way of attracting, retaining, and motivating top talent.

Working with experts like here in Global Shares, you can be rest assured that you are taking full advantage of the benefits on offer and continue to do so as you grow as a company. Get in touch today and start the conversation.

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