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A simple onboarding – and all the tools you need to grow.

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At Global Shares, no matter where you are in your journey, we have the perfect solution for you

– from your first employee to your global IPO.

You can use our basic package, or take advantage of a wide range of add-ons – share plan design services, a dedicated Customer Success Manager, and more – if you need them.

Take advantage of our award-winning equity experience. For other providers, employee ownership is an add-on. For us, it’s everything. With Global Shares, you’re in safe hands.

Leverage your equity to its full potential – transform your spreadsheets and plan documentation into one, easy-to-use online portal for you, your investors, and your employees. Simply click a button and issue an award, or see which investment offer is best.

Perfect for startups who want to:

Create and manage employee share plans, all in one place

Give employees and investors an online portal to view and transact their equity

Automate difficult tasks and complex processes


Click a button and see which investment offer is best, or how many options to offer a new executive

Keep their entire shareholder register up-to-date and accurate, effortlessly

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