Unlike other providers, Global Shares can begin implementing your equity plan immediately.

We can tailor our implementation process to suit your resources or upcoming events.

The implementation project team will be headed by a Global Shares implementation manager who will be responsible for the co-ordination of the project from the start until its go-live date.

Your implementation manager will be supported by members of our support team including Systems, Training, Account Management, Support Services and Employee Communications. Each client is supported at a corporate level by a dedicated relationship manager.

Your relationship manager is your main contact for all customer queries and administrative services. Global Shares’ clients can be supported by permissioned access to all participant, plan and reporting information within our database.

Access levels will be agreed during implementation as will roles and responsibilities to update information. Updating can be done on a shared arrangement or fully outsourced to Global Shares.

  • Our Implementation Team will do all the heavy lifting to arrange a smooth transition onto our Software Platform with minimum disruption.

    Simply reach out to us and we will do the rest.


    • 1- Investigation

      Global Shares will meet with you to discuss your needs and to gain a better understanding of the services that you require.

      We will review your objectives, strategically align with you and demo our product range to you as required.

      Global Shares provides a comprehensive questionnaire to ensure that no matter how customised your plan is, we can fully support your different needs.

    • 2- System Setup

      Whatever your plan requirements, Global Shares will ensure that your platform is set-up with your own preferences.

      From rounding and vesting settings to termination and FMV rules, our intuitive software can produce it all.

    • 3- Data Conversion

      Gathering historic data sets can normally be a challenge, but Global Shares works with you and your departments – HR, finance, legal to ensure that your data is accurately migrated onto your new system.

      Your data undergoes a strict data cleansing process to ensure it is compatible with your plan rules before it is reconciled by our expert analysts down to the last share.

    • 4- Process Documents

      The creation of process documents is an essential step in our implementation process.

      As well as helping to understand the various steps involved in all transactions we process, these documents help ensure compliance with all financial, legal and tax requirements and are a vital part of our SSAE16.

      We customise our process documents to fit your requirements and work with your broker and transfer agent to ensure each transaction runs efficiently.

    • 5- Third Party Relationships

      Global Shares work directly with your chosen broker and legal teams ensuring that all data and files are reviewed and complied with to get up and running on our system.

      All you need to do is sign the paperwork.

    • 6- Training

      Through online webinars with your employees and a remarkable support service, our implementation team will walk you through our system and show you how to get the most from it.

      Whether you’re looking for reports or a participants address we can help you navigate through our system whilst providing ongoing clarity and simplicity to all our customers.