Private Company Shares

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  • Private Company Employee

    Share Ownership


    Employee share ownership and executive compensation is fast becoming a critical component in the private company equity space for attracting and retaining a top class employee base.

    Whether the company is a leading start-up or a permanently private company equity compensation is one of the most progressive methods in rewarding key employees with either the incentive of an Initial Public Offering (IPO) pay-out or a quarterly redemption window facility where the company buys back their Private Company Shares at the latest valuation price

  • Selling-Shares-in-a-Private-Company

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Selling Shares in a Private Company

Private companies may issue private company shares to their own employees as part of a compensation program. This action is designed to motivate employees by tying a portion of their earnings to the company’s earnings. Employees and Investors will eventually want to sell their shares. Several private companies will have buyback programs, which allow selling shares in a private company.

Global Shares software offers private companies an online facility for selling shares in a private company where the issuing company can receive sale of shares requests and choose to authorise or deny those requests. Read more about selling shares in a private company here.

  • Private-Company-Stock-Market

  • Private Company Stock Market

    Today many high growth companies are staying private longer, which results in employees and investors frequently needing increased equity liquidity for their private company shares.

    Whether an employee is seeking to generate cash or to diversify their holdings, or an investor is looking to harvest gains, Global Shares software solutions are dedicated to providing an equity platform which can help provide liquidity for our clients through the provision of a private company stock market.

    To understand more about how we help provide liquidity to the largest private companies in the world see our detailed private company stock market overview.

Private Company Share Plan Administration

  • Companies offering private company shares and share option plans require a refined solution for managing complex equity plans and their share ownership levels, which are often very complex due to multiple rounds of investment at different valuations.

  • The Global Shares share option software suite for private companies meets and surpasses these needs. Our track record of working and designing equity compensation software for the largest private companies in the world puts us at the forefront of equity software and equity administration for private companies.

Equity Software Solutions

Whether you are a permanently private company looking for efficient equity data management with private company stock market requirements or a pre-IPO company looking to have all of your equity set-up in advance to facilitate a smooth transition to the public environment Global Shares cloud based share option administration software for private companies will cater for all your complex equity needs including software modules for:

    • CAP Table Management
    • Shareholder Services Online
    • Private Company Stock Market
    • SEC Reporting
    • Financial Reporting
    • Proxy Software
    • Waterfall Distribution Scenarios

Global Shares’ focus is to offer the best private equity administration software, whilst providing expert share plan services to our customers.