Waterfall Analysis

It’s not always easy to see the bigger picture when making decisions about your financial future. From funding rounds to exit valuations, don’t depend on complex formulas or multiple spreadsheets to see the economic impact of these decisions. With just a few clicks, our Waterfall Analysis tool will help you make projections about future exits!

How much will everyone get and in what order? The Growth Platform makes waterfall analysis easy. View pay-outs by share class and shareholder! Our complex tool accounts for liquidation preferences and exit multiples to help you accurately calculate the distribution of proceeds in a liquidation event.

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Knowledge is Power

Secure based user access allows you to make certain features available to your investors and legal team.
Include your legal team in these decisions or grant investors with access to the tool to see their potential pay-outs for themselves!
Seeing the value and potential value of their equity can boost engagement and productivity.

Impressive Visuals

Don’t bombard people with spreadsheets or long-winded explainers. Our waterfall analysis tool means you can present the detailed data in a visual, digestible, professional way to key stakeholders.

Grow with Global Shares

Issuing equity to employees, adding shareholders, founders leaving –all these are common scenarios in growing companies, and they all impact your cap table. Waterfall analysis becomes more complex as your cap table evolves. The Growth Platform is exactly what you need to make it simple.

Instant Results

Share data with stakeholders in real time and save down scenarios for other stakeholders to access. Display your waterfall analysis instantly, showing the impact each time you input different variables.

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