Easy to use performance management software. Teams love it with an unrivalled 94% adoption rate after only 3 months. Our customers have increased employee productivity by an average 11.4%

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Reduce Workload

Simplify and automate the Performance Management process.

Staff & Management Adoption

Teams love the easy interface resulting in up to 94% adoption rate.

Powerful Reporting

Access to the data to show how performance is improving across your organisation.

Full Support & Guidance

Excellent customer and user support team and an integrated ‘Smart Mentor’system

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Why choose WorkCompass?

Simplify and automate the Performance Management process to reduce HRs workload.

    • Easy to use Performance Management software.
    • Staff and managers love it.
    • We have 94% adoption rate after just three months.
    • Our customers increase employee productivity by on average 11.4%.
    • Integrated smart mentor and just in time reminders.
    • The right data to show how your teams are performing across your organisation.
    • Full support and guidance for every step of the process.
    • Selected by the organisations awarded best places to work and best managed companies, year after year.

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