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We have been managing equity compensation for some of the world’s biggest companies for 15 years. Whether you are starting up, scaling up or an established enterprise, we’ve got the products and services that will help you simplify employee share ownership, seamlessly.

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Trusted by some of the biggest names in business, our employee equity management solutions help engage workers in more than 100 countries using 60+ currencies. Check out our Academy to read some of our client stories and testimonials.

Growth Platform

The Global Shares Growth Platform is a cloud-based solution for early-stage and emerging companies that makes issuing shares to your investors and managing options and awards to employees simple. The secure and easy to use software tool gives your employees, investors and stakeholders unique, personalised access to their equity. The Growth Platform will track ownership with a live Cap table, help you prep for funding rounds like a pro and engage your employees by giving them visibility of their equity. Grow with Global Shares.

Equity compensation can be complex but with Global Shares’ enterprise solutions you get a team of experts to manage everything from plan administration to financial reporting, tax and regulatory considerations and everything in between. Our industry-leading platform and mobile app gives your employees instant access to their equity, improving engagement and allowing you to harness the power of employee ownership.

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7 Steps to Promote your Employee Share Plan like a Pro