• Communications made easy.

    As Equity Plans become more popular and increasingly more complex, communicating your company’s key message is a constant challenge. Ensuring your participants have all the relevant information at hand and available to them can be a time consuming task for many plan administrators. Using our interactive EquityGateway, we remove this difficulty and make communicating with your employees straight-forward and manageable undertaking.

    Education and training videos

    Global Shares education and training videos provide your employees with detailed step by step guide on becoming accustomed to your company’s fundamental plan details.

    Customised Informational Plan Documents

    Utilising our FAQ section, we can easily customise all questions specific to your company. Storing all plan documents within our document library allows your employees easy access to these important documents which are easily downloadable also.

    Real-Time Share Price

    An automatic feed of your company’s share price is linked to each of your employee’s portals, giving them real-time updates which offers them the opportunity to make more informed decisions when exercising or selling shares.

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