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Inform. Educate. Inspire

Engagement is everything.  If your employees don’t understand their equity awards, they are less likely to value them. Communications and education are key to ensuring your employees appreciate the value of being a shareholder of your organization.

Find out how we can inform, educate, and inspire your participants.

A bespoke employee communications package

At J.P. Morgan Workplace Solutions, our approach focuses on engaging participants at moments that matter in their individual equity journey. We offer emails, articles, animated videos, infographics, guided walkthroughs, webinars, and Q&A sessions – designed to suit all learning styles and needs.



Complex Information, simplified

If your employees don’t understand the value of their equity, they are unlikely to appreciate it. Our team of communications specialists can simplify complex award information into educational content that will help engage your employees and make it available in the formats and mediums best suited to meet their needs.



Boost engagement

Engagement begins ahead of launch, but it doesn’t end with it – you need to keep your employees informed for the full lifecycle of their plan, from grant to vest and beyond. A solid communications plan can help them properly understand the value of what their awards can bring to their broader financial life.


Empower employees

When employees understand the value of their equity, they’re better positioned to make informed decisions about how those awards can help them reach their goals.

Time saving

Ease the administrative burden

Our communications package can reduce the need for individualized support and help cut down on questions from employees, saving your equity compensation, HR and benefits teams time and resources.

Communications-Ease the administrative burden


Foster a positive culture

When you give employees a stake in your company, they are empowered to behave like owners – when the business succeeds, they succeed. Our strategic communications plan can help articulate this message so that your employees’ goals align with your overall business objectives.

Communications-Foster a positive culture

Bespoke packages

Tailored to your workforce

Our offerings are designed to suit every employee demographic and geographic location. Choose from a wide range of communication campaigns, including emails, posters, infographics, guided walkthroughs, animated videos and even webinars with moderated Q&As.  All our packages are tailored to your company and your plan type, powered by our team of specialists.

Communications-Tailored to your workforce


  • Communications - Education that inspires

    Education that inspires

    Our standard materials explain your plan in a way that your employees can comprehend easily. We break down the key points and principles using straightforward, understandable language, with clear and engaging visuals.

  • compliance-and-admin-made-easy

    Bespoke options

    A fully unique communications package, with your company branding woven into the text, look and feel. Aimed at giving you a coordinated and omnichannel approach to best suit the unique needs of your employee population. We work with you to foster higher, longer-lasting engagement.

  • Communications - Tailored to your needs

    Tailored to your needs

    Working with a dedicated creative team, a fully bespoke campaign allows you to push the envelope of your brand. We work closely with you to bring your awards to life with an original campaign tied to your brand and message.

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