Financial Reporting

  • Regulatory Requirements

    The Global Shares Financial Reporting Software Solutions are fully integrated with our EquityAdmin plan record keeping software, to meet all of the unique Finance and Regulatory requirements your company must adhere to.

    When you work with our Plan Administration software you will also gain access to highly formatted, multi-dimensional reporting solutions that integrate fully with your business and finance departments requirements and goals.

  • Financial Reporting Software Solutions

    The Financial Reporting Software Solutions Global Shares can offer as part of your overall Plan management will provide conditional suppression, high fidelity presentations and automatic calculations to focus and filter reports, as required.

  • Financial Reporting Responsibilities

    • The design and structure of employee equity programs presents a complex pattern of accounting and reporting responsibilities.
    • Slight differences in structures and plan designs can result in dramatically different results in terms of the financial reports that are required.
    • Plans that reward staff based on the performance of the company or the performance of the individual themselves may often fall into different reporting sets.

    This is why you need a business such as Global Shares on your side when it comes to choosing your Financial Reporting Software Solutions.

Global Shares has designed our Financial Reporting Software Solutions from the point of view of our users but also with the requirements they may have for ad hoc, on demand and interactive financial reporting at any given time.

Our goal is to empower our business users with the ability to reshape information in real time, and gather up-to-the-minute information at the click of a button, from all of your share plan information.

  • financial reporting software solutions

  • Services & Support

    Having access to our software to automate your financial reporting is one thing, but the Global Shares team go beyond that when it comes to your financial reporting software solutions.

    Our specialist team will help implement your historic data as well as providing guidance on how to utilize the software best going forward.


  • Transform your Financial Reporting Software Solutions

    Reach out to our experts for a quick demo to see our software in action.