Financial Reporting

Automate everything.

Our financial reporting tool integrates all your stock plan data, simplifying expense filing, disclosures, deferred tax and EPS reporting. We provide tax reporting services as well as having a tool for US GAAP and IFRS 2.

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time is money

Time is money

Financial reporting doesn’t have to be time consuming and complicated – we host everything under one roof for complete transparency. Keep track of your bottom line and have key tax information available at the click of a button for investors, auditors, regulators and partners alike.

Disclosure tables instantly

Our financial reporting functionality is weaved into our stock plan management system, so updates to participant or grant information are all effective dated. Vest events, forfeitures and transactions are recognized as they occur and the resulting impact on valuation, expense accrual and other financial reports will be immediate.


Automate and make it easy for your company

Fair Value Valuation

Measurement and Attribution of Expense

Accounting for tax effects

Earnings Per Share

Treatment of Forfeitures


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