Data Security

  • Secure, regulated and stringently compliant

    Data Security is of critical importance to Stock Plan Administrators and Global Shares is committed to using the very highest standards to protect the valuable data and assets we hold on behalf of our clients.

    Global Shares’ solution is designed and built on stringent technical and structural security measures, with rigorous processes,

    role based

    access, multiple layers of technological controls as well as physical and network security firewalls and intrusion protection systems to safeguard from unwarranted access attempts and ensure your data is safe and secure.

  • Data Security - Global Shares

We process your data securely

Every day we hold and process large volumes of global equity plan administration data, including:

  • Client and participant digital records
  • Share-dealing transactional information
  • Bank account details
  • Tax information
  • Financial securities
  • Client assets

in compliance with the strict regulation protocols required as a regulated firm. We use the latest industry encryption standards to manage data in transit and at rest, with continuous monitoring of event logs, notifications and alerts to identify and manage potential threats.

  • Data Security Global Shares

  • Cyber Security Professionals

    Global Shares employs a team of cyber security, IT and compliance professionals to protect our system and respond to changes in the cyber security and legislative landscape. This team is responsible for 3rd party security audits, penetetration testing, SSAE18 controls, client assurance visits and security due diligence. An Audit and Risk Committee is also in place to independently oversee security and potential threats. In the case of a risk being identified, we take swift action to mitigate against it.

Certified Secure Hosting

Global Shares is regulated, accredited and certified by a range of statutory and non-statutory processes including  FINRA/SEC (CRD: 284031), the Central Bank of Ireland (C140575), SSAE18 (BDO USA, LLP), Data Protection Commissioner Ireland (9677/A) and the Privacy Shield (US department of Commerce). Our solution is cloud-based and hosted in partnership with one of the most highly accredited hosting providers in the industry, certified according to ISO27001, SOC1 and SOC2. We deploy security controls including WAFs, HIDS/NIDS, to further enhance our digital security measures.

  • Security policy and training

    Global Shares’ IT Security team develops and maintains a comprehensive range of Security Policies, which include:

    • Information Security Policy
    • Hosting Infrastructure Security Policy
    • Data Protection Policy
    • Data Leak Prevention Policy
    • Physical Security Standards Policy
    • Security Incident Policy
    • Confidentiality Policy

    Security training is mandatory for all staff at the induction level, but also annually across the company at a global scale, to update staff on the latest developments and reinforce a culture of high security.

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