Data security

Data Security

Your data is in safe hands.

Companies from more than 100 countries all over the world trust us with the data of hundreds of thousands of their employees. We take that trust seriously.

dedicated security

A dedicated security team

The safekeeping of our clients’ data is our top priority.  Confidentiality, integrity and security – always.

Global Shares employs a team of cyber security, IT and compliance professionals to protect our system and respond to changes in the cyber security and legislative landscape. This team is responsible for third party security audits, penetration testing, SSAE18 controls, client assurance visits and security due diligence. An Audit and Risk Committee is also in place to independently oversee security and potential threats. In the case of a risk being identified, we take swift action to mitigate against it.

Processing securely

Every day we hold and process large volumes of employee stock plan data, including:

Bank account details

Personal employee information

Tax information

Stock dealing transactional information

Strict regulations

We comply to the letter with strict regulation protocols and use industry best practice encryption standards. We continuously monitor data to identify and manage potential threats.

time is money

Save time and money

The Global Shares product is a hybrid cloud solution, so everything is centrally hosted and accessed by clients using a web browser and internet connection. This means we can rapidly roll out security upgrades and maintain security and backups seamlessly. You don’t have to worry about financing the high level of IT resources it takes to keep stock plan data safe and comply with regulations – we host it on our platform.

Compliance & regulation

Global Shares is regulated, accredited and certified by a range of statutory and non-statutory bodies and processes including:

The Data Protection
Commissioner Ireland



Malta Financial
Services Authority


compliance & regulation

For more detailed information about our regulatory obligations, certifications and our security policies.

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