Don't build your company on spreadsheets

Manage your equity plans and track your cap table online

The Global Shares Growth Platform is the must-have software tool for emerging companies. Issue shares to investors, grant options and awards to employees and manage your cap table – all on one secure online space.

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Some of the world’s biggest private companies use Global Shares to manage their equity compensation.
Our Growth Platform puts 15+ years of expertise into a tool that ensures you’re building solid foundations for success.

Standard Features Allow You to:

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Manage Cap Table & track seamlessly as your company grows
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Track ownership percentages by shareholder and share class
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Enable employees to exercise options online
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Create and manage multiple employee share plans

Growth Platform 8
Issue shares and warrants to your investors
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Issue, track and convert convertible instruments

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Support the issuance of certified and uncertified shares
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Maintain a fully up-to-date shareholder register

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Track all historical issuances from incorporation
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Digitise your company ownership structure and create solid foundations for success.

The Growth Platform gives investors and employees visibility of their equity and awards and gives you complete control of your future success. 

Defined user roles allow you to grant Advanced Investor Access for visibility of the company cap table and access to the Scenario Modelling tool for shareholders and investors.

Employee access means better engagement, improved retention and buy-in to your overall strategic goals.

Equity Compensation Management

Equity compensation doesn’t have to be complex. As your company grows and you issue more equity to your employees, don’t get bogged down by managing your equity plans on spreadsheets. The Growth Platform allows you to have all your key share plan data in one easy to use, online space.

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Cap Table Management

As your company grows, managing your cap table can get complicated. Cut out the capacity for human error. Be investment ready.
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Scenario Modelling Calculator

Scenario modelling calculator to review the impact of future funding rounds on the capital structure and ownership of the company
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Waterfall Analysis Wizard

Waterfall analysis wizard to simulate proceeds at shareholder level in a future liquidation event

Additional Services:

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Share plan design services through our trusted partnerships
Growth Platform 18
Onboarding support from our team of equity experts
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409A Valuations

Growth Platform 20
A dedicated Customer Success Manager to guide you and help you get the most from our platform

Free e-book

How to build your Cap Table from scratch

Your Cap Table is one of the most important aspects of your company – getting it wrong isn’t an option. Download our free eBook to find out everything you need to know about creating your first Cap Table from scratch. Check out our template and get tips from our experts.