Employee Stock Purchase Plans – ESPP

Incentivize, engage, succeed.

Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPPs) give employees an easy and cost-effective reward for pursuing a disciplined savings plan to build financial wealth. Workers who hold stock will both think and act in the long-term interest of the company – the perfect building blocks for the success and growth of your organization.


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Improve retention

ESPP programs help employees save for the future or can be cashed in for rainy day scenarios. Seeing the financial benefit of their investment encourages commitment to your organization and an increased likelihood of remaining loyal to the company in the long run.


ESPPs with ease

Let us help you design a program that allows employees to reap the benefits of employee ownership. We can also administer and manage your existing ESPP, whether it’s a non-qualified plan or a Section 423 qualified plan. It can can involve discounted stock prices, contribution limits or company matching, dividends and more. Here at Global Shares we will ensure your programs are fully compliant. From tax rates between States, employee mobility and transfers or an international workforce – we take away the hassle of managing your ESPP.


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