Equity compensation and retention: Why keeping your employees informed about their equity compensation is good for your business

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Equity compensation and retention: Why keeping your employees informed about their equity compensation is good for your business

You’ve probably heard it said a hundred times or more, that when it comes to running a business your employees are your greatest asset. It’s also widely agreed that companies who value their staff and treat them well will most often reap the benefits.
But it’s not all about free doughnuts, personalised e-mails on birthdays or complimentary gym memberships. One thing you’ll commonly see, regardless of the industry, from start-ups to publicly traded and at every stage in between, is some form of employee equity compensation option.
Giving your staff the opportunity to become invested in your company is a great way to show them they’re appreciated. It not only encourages retention but, when it comes to attracting new talent, a solid employee equity plan could be just the thing that tilts the scales in your favour.
At Global Shares we understand the power of employee ownership and have over 15 years’ experience helping companies of all sizes harness the potential of equity to attract, retain and reward key talent.
But what’s the point of having an amazing equity offering if you hide it away?

Read all about it! Let that cat out of the bag!

Think about it, what does your company normally do when there’s big news to share with staff? Do you send out an e-mail blast? Maybe there’s a townhall event or a video update? With every success you want to communicate it loudly, proudly and ensure everyone is aware.

Your equity compensation plan should be no different.

 At Global Shares employee ownership is at the heart of everything we do. We know that access to information is crucial because if your staff have no visibility of their awards then your compensation plan isn’t really doing what you need it to.

A common error companies who don’t outsource the management of their equity compensation schemes make is in not promoting this information. It’s no use tucked away in some obscure sub-folder gathering pixel dust and digital cobwebs. You want ease of access for your employees. That’s why our portal gathers everything your staff could need into the one place.

Happy employees perform better and you certainly don’t want to see your valued team being headhunted by competitors. Recruiting, rehiring and retraining are expensive .

The ‘traditional’ office has changed forever

Equity compensation schemes perform the dual role of not only helping retain top quality staff, who are less likely to leave if their stock has not yet vested, but can also attract new talent. In a remote or hybrid environment an employee equity offering could also help form bonds and strengthen loyalties. Nowadays newer staff haven’t had those traditional ‘water cooler’ moments or shared in-person experiences to gel over, like when there’s no milk at the coffee dock or you’re struggling with that one printer which always jams.
An employee equity compensation plan could then be the x-factor which helps unify people who’re working together towards a common goal and mutually benefiting from that success.
Share plans offer employees the chance to earn more money on top of their basic salaries by being more aligned with their company’s goals. Equity plans can also be a more tax-friendly option than the traditional cash award.
Ultimately staff who feel valued are more motivated and at Global Shares we know that showing employees what they have is key to driving engagement and really unlocking the power in your employee stock plans.

Everything in its right place. Everything in the one place!

Our fully digital platform ensures that all the information has a place and is easy to access. Everything a participant needs is located via our portal. It’s a one-stop-shop, comprehensive and clear. Since it’s fully digital they have 24/7 access – anytime, anywhere. It’s always all at their fingertips.

Using the portal staff can view their portfolio, transact, read documents and contract notes, or see valuable information about their entire equity portfolio for themselves. Stock prices and values are updated in real-time, while simple tools allow the user to calculate potential pay outs, taxes and exchange rates. If they want to take it offline the award balances and historical transactions are available in downloadable eStatements.

On top of that our employee portal is multi-lingual allowing users to switch back and forth between their preferred languages with just the click of a button.

Since it’s fully digital you don’t need to worry about mailing updates or time zones differences. Everything is loaded onto the platform directly, so whether you’re based in a single location or have a global reach it doesn’t matter, your participating employees all get their information through the same portal.

An easy-to-use global employee portal will boost engagement and in turn, productivity and retention. 

Easy to use

Employee Ownership, Simplified, is our motto at Global Shares and we apply it across every aspect of our business. Before we built our own platform we’d used other equity management tools in the past, so we know what doesn’t work. We learned from that experience and used it to craft the most industry-leading, cutting-edge and user-friendly option on the market, all while keeping that motto in mind – Employee Ownership, Simplified.

We want you to be able to benefit from our expertise and experience because when you work with Global Shares you’re not just dealing with another business, you’re expanding your team. Our inhouse software developers are constantly working to ensure the our platform is always being improved. We also provide access to a full range of experts and support staff who work closely with all of our clients to ensure you’re getting the best. Take our global regulatory and tax compliance services for example, we hire the foremost in the field so you only need to know one thing, that our staff are fully compliant while operating efficiently. We take care of the rest.

Letting your staff know that it’s all about them

Our portal is designed to be an extension of your business not ours, so when users log-in they are greeted with a look and feel that is tailored to your company. Your personalised messaging, news and updates are all presented using your logos, images and colors, so your staff immediately know it is an experience that they can trust.
We know that when it comes to running your business you’re the expert and at Global Shares equity compensation is what we do, so let use lend our expertise to help you do what you do.

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