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Your money, your way.

The Global Shares employee portal is fully customisable to your branding so it can be tailored to the look and vibe of your company. Create personalised welcome messages for plan participants or add news and updates thanks to the user-friendly interface.

Employee Portal
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Complete transparency.

Once logged in with our secure, two step authentication process, employees have 24/7 personalised access to their shares. All their equity – vested and unvested – is visible, and they have complete access and control of their holdings.  

Modern and

You benefit from a fast, easy-to-implement, fully customisable system that’s consistent with your company’s brand, language, ethos and corporate identity. Optimise your employees’ experience, capitalise on their engagement and simplify the administration of your employee share plan. 

User friendly

Go global.

Create an inclusive workplace where no matter where your employees are based, their share plan speaks directly to them in their own language using their local currency. Documents and support are available in multiple languages and awards are displayed in whichever currencies are required – so employees know the true value of their shares.

No more guesswork.

Modelling calculators provide estimates of taxes, exercise costs, net proceeds etc. giving employees insight into their potential gains should they decide to sell their shares.

No more guesswork
simplify and empower

Simplify and empower.

Participants can view current award balances and historical transactions in downloadable eStatements format. They can exercise their awards, request the sale of vested shares and make tax elections. They can accept grants online and make tax elections and enroll in purchase plans. Form filing, task notifications, AGM voting, proxy voting and surveys are simple and seamless.

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