Product News: April 2024

Content Team April 18, 2024 mins read

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Product News: April 2024

In this update, we’re excited to share some enhancements and new features designed to elevate the participant experience, streamline corporate administration, and empower more insightful reporting and analytics. Let’s dive in and explore the latest developments: 

Participant Experience

Enhanced Statement Display for Dividend Equivalents

We have updated the layout of some of our statements for participants with dividend equivalents. The following updates are designed to improve transparency and empower your participants to better understand their equity. 

  • The Consolidated Equity Statement has been enhanced to better differentiate dividend equivalents from the parent (original) award. Dividend equivalents are now displayed in an embedded table as opposed to listed underneath the parent award.
  • The Release History Statement now includes expand-collapse functionality to give participants a clearer view of dividend equivalent units released with the parent award. 
  • The Future Vesting Statement now accommodates accrued cash dividends and offers a roll-up per parent award, enhancing clarity in presenting the anticipated benefits of future releases. 

Corporate Admin

Track 431 Elections

It is now possible to track participants’ section 431 elections using survey tasks. Section 431 elections apply to UK resident employees and directors who work for and acquire shares in overseas companies. They do not apply to non-UK resident employees or directors who do not carry out any duties in the UK and are therefore not subject to UK PAYE (Pay As You Earn) and NICs (National Insurance Contributions).  

Reporting & Analytics

Enhanced Participant Tracking

The Participant Export Module has been expanded to include a ‘Participant Creation Date’ field. Admin users can filter the export by creation date, enabling precise identification of new participants within specific date ranges, enhancing their reporting and data analysis. 

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