Cap Table Management

Cut out human error. Be investment ready.

As your company grows, managing your cap table can get complicated. The Growth Platform provides a single source of truth, giving you clear visibility of who owns what in your company. See a simple breakdown of ownership in easy to read charts. Save time and energy by moving away the cumbersome spreadsheets that bog you down in manual processes.

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Our Growth Platform puts 15+ years of expertise into a tool that ensures you’re building solid foundations for success.
CAP table management

Don't Lose Track

Funding rounds, the introduction of employee equity plans, your co-founders moving on – these all impact your cap table. Our technology means that your cap table becomes a live entity and will update accordingly as changes happen. No more spreadsheets. One accurate, secure, online version.

Save time and energy by moving away from cumbersome spreadsheets that bog you down in manual processes.

Cut out the capacity for human error. Be investment ready.

Manage Your Cap Table

Learn why a spreadsheet is not the place to host your cap table.

Advanced User Access

Control who sees what, easily. Keep confidential information secure.

Share access to your cap table with your accountancy or legal advisors ahead of funding rounds, when it’s time to file your accounts or if you’re preparing for IPO. Don’t scramble to find a clean, up-to-date version of your cap table – let them log onto the Global Shares Growth Platform for the live, latest and only version.

Provide peace of mind for investors. They can see exactly what they own, and what they could own in the future.

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