Cap Table Management

Cut out human error. Be investment ready.

As your company grows, managing your cap table can get complicated, costing you more time and energy in the long run. We provide a clean cap table for you, your investors and your employees – giving you clear visibility of who owns what in your company.


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Don't Lose Track

New funding rounds, the introduction of employee equity plans, your co-founders moving on – these all impact your cap table – creating an admin nightmare for you. Our technology removes the manual management burden. Our platform updates accordingly as changes happen. No more messy spreadsheets. One accurate, secure, online version.

User Access


Give stakeholders visibility. Control who sees what, easily. Keep confidential information secure.


Don’t scramble to find a clean, up-to-date version of your cap table when you need it – let your stakeholders log onto the Global Shares Growth Platform for the live, latest and only version.


Share access to your cap table with your accountancy or legal advisors ahead of funding rounds, when it’s time to file your accounts or if you’re preparing for IPO.


Provide peace of mind for investors. They can see exactly what they own, and what they could own in future.

Avoid the spreadsheet

You shouldn’t build your company in a spreadsheet – here’s why.

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