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SOPs – Stock Option Plans

Stock Option Plans

Link employee rewards to your growth

Stock options work by linking an employee’s benefits to the performance of the business. By encouraging employees to think and work towards growing the value of your company’s shares, they can make excellent building blocks for the growth of your organization.

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Your stock option plan solution

We simplify complex stock option plan (SOP) admin into a straightforward and intuitive experience, ensuring accurate record-keeping and allowing you to manage multiple SOPs on a global scale from one central location.

  • Plan management

    Make SOP management easy

    Whether it’s an incentive stock option (ISO), or non-qualified stock option (NQSO), streamline your equity administration by automatically issuing option grants, tracking exercise and vesting, and processing detailed financial reports.

  • Participant portal

    Empower your employees

    Engage your employees with 24/7 access to a portal where they can see the potential value of their options, manage tasks, and transact their shares.

A powerful tool to help drive
employee empowerment


Why choose us?

  • Go from private to public in one system

    There should be no restrictions on your company’s ambition: our platform helps you grow from private to public, local to global, with a seamless journey that transitions your data securely, if and when you need it.

  • Experience our intuitive platform

    Our technologies automate and streamline Stock Options administration, allowing for API integrations with your HRIS, tax systems and enhance data security. In addition, our built-in reporting suite facilitates you to generate audit-ready reports within a few clicks.

  • Access to in-house equity compensation professionals 

    You’ll get a dedicated account manager who understands what you need, supported by a team of experienced equity professionals to handle the day-to-day operation of your plans. Your employees are also taken care of with our multilingual customer support.

  • Engage with bespoke communications packages

    Bring your Stock Options to life through a range of engaging, creative, multimedia employee communications. Demystify equity education and get your employees excited about their rewards.


Ready to get started?

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