CAP Table Management

Global Shares’ cap table management tool makes it easy to track the ownership of your company. Fully integrated into your stock plan, our technology will be an essential tool in the growth and evolution of your company. Record stock ownership levels, create growth plans, manage administrative tasks and use it to organize essential documents.

CAP table management

Ownership at a glance.

With our capitalization table management tool, you’ll see investor details, percentages of ownership, equity dilution and the value of your company’s stock. The cap table will automatically update after each round of investment because it’s integrated into your employee stock management plan. Dynamic visuals demonstrate the changes in your company as it grows and evolves. Stocks, options, warrants, share classes, convertible notes and the overall figure invested in your company will be easy to track.

Why CAP tables?

From startup phase and beyond, it’s essential to understand who owns what within a company. A cap table makes it much clearer and keeps track of all the variables. A well-managed cap table helps forecast dilutions, potential payouts and keeps details transparent for founders, investors, employees and even auditors. A cap table will also provide historical insight into the company’s evolution and helps negotiate current business valuation. Prospective investors will also want to see a clear and organized cap table.

CAP tables

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