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Harness the power of your share plan.

Why invest in an employee share plan if your employees can’t see their own assets? Our platform gives your team visibility of their equity portfolio, which in turn drives engagement and boosts productivity. A happy team leads to a successful company.

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Save time and money with our practical, clear, and cost-effective legal and tax information, which is tailored specifically to your plans and the countries in which they operate. We cut through the complications and provide a clear and pragmatic solution.

Don’t let your time and energy go to waste

Showing employees the value of what they have is key to unlocking the true power of employee ownership. Attract and retain the best talent by visually showing them their piece of the equity pie. No matter where your employees are in the world, they can access their shares in their language and currency.

Your people are your biggest asset

Give them the best user experience. Our Scenario Modelling tool lets employees calculate how much they could potentially gain if they decide to sell, including tax estimates, exercise costs and net proceeds. Get rid of the guesswork and get your employees excited about their ownership.

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