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Global Shares donates €10k worth of educational equipment in new schools initiative

Laptop donation | Knockskeagh National School | Global Shares

Global Shares has presented 22 fully refurbished ‘nearly new’ Dell laptops to Knockskeagh National School, located close to its HQ in Clonakilty, West Cork, as part of our 2021 CSR programme, valued at more than €10,000.

This initiative will transform the school’s Computer Room, free up existing devices, and enable increased tech access to children who are temporarily learning from home as a result of the global pandemic.

Laptop presentation to management | Kncoskeagh National School | Global Shares

“I can’t put into words the importance of this donation to the school. We’ve a very proactive approach to digital learning, using digital learning tools like Jollyphonics keyboard skills, Astrophysics coding programmes and we train the kids in MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint and more. However we have limited equipment and our computers were very slow. Christmas has come early…! These laptops mean we can refurbish our computer room and it increases the number of devices available for in-classroom learning. We recently upgraded our school broadband and we’ve got some new touchscreen interactive screens in our classrooms, and 31 iPads, however we’ve 230+ students who have to share the limited resources we have, so these Dell laptops will allow us to take our digital learning to the next level. A huge thank to Global Shares – this genuinely will have a big impact. Your donation shows how companies can update their IT equipment while also finding a charitable way of getting rid of old equipment, and ultimately helps hundreds of local children.”

Johnnie Walsh School Principal | Global Shares laptop donation Headshot
School | Global Shares laptop donation

Faced with a mini-mountain of used laptops as part of a modernisation upgrade to new cloud-managed laptops at Global Shares, the company decided to help out Knockskeagh National School, where many of the staff’s children attend primary school.

Once we heard about the computer shortages at Knockskeagh National School we got the wheels in motion to wipe all the laptops, clean and disinfect them and get them ready to gift to the school. We’re rolling out a laptop modernisation programme and replacing all our existing laptops with new cloud-managed ones for staff all over the world. This has many benefits for us - increased mobile device management, better security controls, next level reporting and most importantly improved tech support for our staff. It’s wonderful to be able to give back to our community by donating these laptops, and we hope they will inspire a few next generation Global Shares developers!

Niall Deasy, Head of DevOps at Global Shares’ IT department at Global Shares headshot

For more information on Global Shares’ laptop donation story, please contact our Corporate Communications Manager, Aisling Riordan: [email protected]

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