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The Global Shares App: Why Your Participants Will Love It 

3-reasons-to-love-mobile-app (use)

The Global Shares mobile app makes it easy for your employees to interact with their equity holdings anytime, anywhere. Participants can use the app, in their own language, to track and manage their wealth. 

Here’s why your employees will love it, it’s:

  1. Equipped with a complete overview of account activity 
  2. Transaction ready
  3. Secure

1. Complete Overview

From the portfolio tab on the app, employees can quickly learn their worth in terms of units and total potential value which is calculated using the most recent share price. Participants can see the breakdown of their portfolio by plan, awards, and shares. They can also further filter by available, available with restrictions, transactions that are in process, and unavailable. By having a consolidated picture of their portfolio at the ready, employees can easily plan ahead of upcoming equity events and stay informed on the status of their transactions.

2. Transaction Ready

Mobile access allows employees to act during critical events, sell when the price is right, and view the status of transactions. They can also access their entire transaction history. For example, for an exercise and sell request, they can view the breakdown of exercise cost, fees, and taxes associated with each exercise.

3. Secure

The mobile app caters to your participants within a secure environment encrypted for Android and Apple devices including biometric logins and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). The same MFA is used on mobile as in the desktop employee portal account. 

If Single Sign-On (SSO) is set up on desktop, users can now use it on the app also. With SSO, participants save time by not having to manually login to the platform every time they wish to use the application. It is also a more secure option as they use only one set of credentials, reducing the risk of weak or reused passwords. 

If you would like to know more about how the Global Shares app and desktop experience can work for your participants, book a one-on-one consultation with us today.

Please Note: This publication contains general information only and Global Shares is not, through this article, issuing any advice, be it legal, financial, tax-related, business-related, professional or other. The Global Shares Academy is not a substitute for professional advice and should not be used as such. Global Shares does not assume any liability for reliance on the information provided herein.

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