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Free eBook: The Simple Guide To Why You Need A Perfect Cap Table (and how to go about creating one that works for you company)


Whether you’re an emerging company with ambition, growing steadily through VC funding rounds or are preparing for a future liquidity event it’s essential you are correctly managing your equity ownership and establishing solid foundations for growth.

Success will look different depending on the industry you’re in and your specific company goals but the simple truth is if you don’t make your Cap Table perfect you’re setting yourself up for failure.

In this free eBook we’ll go through key considerations like:

  • What is a Cap Table and why is it so important to have one?
  • Why are investors and VCs looking at your Cap Table and what do they want to see?
  • How to start building your Cap Table?
  • What do you include on your Cap Table?
  • What does your IPO look like?

Our Cap Table software solution is free for up to 100 stakeholders

Streamline. Digitize. Grow.

Simply fill in your details below for your free copy and discover how Global Shares, together with J.P. Morgan can help you plan for success.

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