Communication Tools

Engaging Participant Communications…

At Global Shares, we take pride in our innovative ability to engage your participants in their equity plan.

With our dedicated support team and intuitive communication software, we ensure that your employees are well informed and encouraged to participate in your incentive program.

Measurable insight

Today’s internal communicators must demonstrate the effectiveness of their communication strategy. With Global Shares next generation communication tools we ensure that the need to be able to monitor, measure, track and trend engagement and share meaningful metrics with stakeholders is captured for you. A full audit trail and tracking functionality reassures you that important communications are received. Our system allows you inform selected participants of updates such as:

  • Changes to blackout schedules
  • Upcoming release event to remind participants to make a tax elections
  • Upcoming option expirations
  • Task election notifications and reminders

Provide your participant with up to the minute information regarding their plan with our next generation communication software.

  • Targeted and timely communications


    Acknowledge participants with personalised messages that provide the right information when it’s needed. These messages can be easily targeted to specific group ranges on an automated, scheduled and ad-hoc basis.

  • Interactive conversations


    Two-way conversations create a culture of transparency and engagement within your organization. Global Shares’ communication tools facilitate an informed conversation between management and participants.

  • Accessible across platforms


    Modern, branded and well-designed communications are proven to increase engagement in your share Plan. They must also be consumable across a variety of platforms – from desktop, tablet to smartphone. Our software helps you generate personalized communications and updates via SMS and email to all local and mobile employees.