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Participant Experience

Participant Experience

Integrated digital solutions for employee empowerment

Our platform provides your workforce with a modern, easy-to-use solution to manage their equity. We demystify equity compensation into something that is easy to understand and engage with, giving your employees full control over their financial future.

Empower your employees
to dream big

Through their own personal account, participants can see the current and future value of what they own in their preferred language and currency and transact from
a secure online environment.


24/7 Equity Access

Participants can interact with their equity anytime from anywhere

Your employees get 24/7, single sign-on access, via desktop and mobile app, to a portal that gives a personalized view of their equity, holdings, and transactions. This one-stop-shop lets participants sell, purchase, transfer shares and even take part in proxy voting. They will also enjoy easy access to a document library equipped with their relevant tax and award statements.

Participant Portal - Equity Holdings

Equity & financial Education

Unlock a world of financial empowerment

With our digital library of educational content, your employees have a world of equity at their fingertips. Participants can learn at their own pace and take advantage of numerous eBooks, articles, videos, and guides designed to help improve their financial literacy and empower them to reach their goals.

Participant Portal - RSU explained

Participant Communications

Engagement is everything

If your employees don’t understand their equity awards, they can’t value them. Communications and education are key to ensuring your employees appreciate the value of being a shareholder of your organization. At J.P. Morgan, our approach focuses on engaging participants at moments that matter in their individual equity journey. We offer emails, articles, animated videos, infographics, guided walkthroughs, webinars, and Q&A sessions – for all learning styles and needs. We make it simple.

Participant Portal - RSU explained

Executive Services

Customized stock and wealth solutions

The Executive Services Desk provides elevated individual support for your execs with a dedicated support line to navigate and simplify their equity needs. Your C-Suite will gain access to an array of investment and wealth planning strategies, everything from accessing capital from concentrated wealth, de-risking the position or diversifying it, 10b5-1 support, or even gifting to loved ones or a charity.

Participant Portal


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    Participants can easily view their current, upcoming, and historical actions and events. Modelling calculators allow users to estimate taxes, exercise costs, net proceeds and potential gains, etc, should they decide to sell their stocks.

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    Multilingual support is offered via phone and email by real people around the world. Our team are on the ground in 18 locations offering support to participants in more than 100 countries in over 15 languages.

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    The mobile app provides a secure environment encrypted for Android and Apple devices and includes biometric logins. Both the mobile app and desktop portal use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO) for maximum security.

Product FAQ

  • Does the software provide multi-lingual support?

    Yes, it is available in over 15 languages. We have customer support teams worldwide to facilitate the needs of your global participants.

  • Can participants log into the system and view their savings/contributions? What information are participants able to view?

    Participants can see all relevant information relating to their plan participation. All their statements are updated in real-time in response to trading and any other transactional events. All statements and documentation are available for export (e.g. as PDF) or printing by the participant account owner.

  • What are the latest versions of the mobile app?

    Our app is available on the latest version of iOS (1.5.4.) and Android (1.5.5.). We recommend mobile app users update their phones to the latest versions for the best experience.

  • Can leavers access their account?

    Yes. Admin users can specify the equity plan rules that apply upon the termination of service of a participant, including mobile or desktop access. Both work and personal email addresses are captured, and the participant can continue to access their account using a unique username and password.

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