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Equity Intelligence

Equity Intelligence

Simplify the compliance process

The Equity Intelligence team provides clients with market-leading legal, regulatory, and tax information to help you operate your global share plans at scale.

Tailored legal and tax support for share plans
in any country

From navigating securities and labor laws to understanding tax withholding and reporting obligations, we provide a comprehensive global view of the regulatory landscape to help you make informed decisions.


Legal and regulatory reports

Understand the constantly evolving regulatory landscape

Clients receive a report outlining information on relevant issues including securities laws, regulatory filings, translation and communication requirements, foreign asset reporting, foreign exchange, data protection, labor laws, shareholder requirements, company laws, salary deductions, malus and clawback provisions, and nominee arrangements.

Global Equity Intelligence Legal

Country-specific information supplements

Ensure alignment with legal requirements specific to each country

A supplement is prepared for clients’ participants that contains wording required in each jurisdiction to comply with local laws (e.g. securities laws) and reporting (e.g. foreign asset reporting obligations).

Global Equity Intelligence Country Specific

Employee tax information sheets

Provide your participants with the tax information they need

Explain the tax treatment of your company’s share plans to your employees in an easy-to-understand Q&A format. Employees receive details of each tax, including important dates, tax rates, and an overview of reporting and withholding obligations. The sheets are housed in the participant portal for easy access for your employees and can be designed to match your company’s branding.

Global Equity Intelligence Tax

Payroll tax information sheets

Equip your global payroll teams with local tax knowledge

Neatly breakdown the specifics of your share plan’s tax treatment for your local payroll teams. The information sheets include details on each tax including important dates and rates, withholding and reporting obligations, share valuation requirements, impact of malus and clawback, recharge issues, retention and holding periods, and the availability of tax qualified plans and tax exemptions. The reporting information includes links to the relevant forms to submit and the corresponding deadlines.

Global Equity Intelligence Payroll


  • eye

    Full access and transparency

    We collaborate with our clients to procure access to market-leading legal, regulatory and tax information provided by Tapestry Insight Ltd in its proprietary digital database, OnTap.

  • Bespoke

    Bespoke to fit your needs

    We provide a tailored service based on information that is sourced from the OnTap database. Our team specializes in conducting comprehensive reviews of targeted countries, delivering crucial analyses tailored to each jurisdiction.

  • professional_support

    Professional Support

    Regular meetings with our team, covering any country queries or specific topic requests and discussion of market practice.  We aim to demystify equity compensation and give you the tools you need to support your global workforce.

Product FAQ

  • Are you providing legal and tax advice?

    No. Workplace Solutions is not a licensed law or tax advisory firm and all of the services provided will be based upon best practices as established by professionals in the employee share plan industry. The services provided do not constitute legal or tax advice and are not intended to replace such advice. Clients should consult with an independent legal and/or tax advisor at any time they require legal and/or tax advice.

  • How does this service help my company?

    Our clients can use the information provided in their global compliance process. An annual review is typically arranged to ensure clients remain aware of any changes.

  • How does this help my participants and payroll teams?

    Our tax information sheets explain the tax treatment of share plans to participants and payroll teams. This increases understanding of, and engagement with, your share plan and reduces the risk of any penalties or fines being applied for non-payment, or late payment, of tax.

  • How up to date is the information?

    A network of law firms and tax advisors chosen for their advanced knowledge in equity incentives regularly review the information and update it when necessary.

  • Can I customize the information?

    We agree upon the exact scope of information you require. Once the information is ready, we can customize it to fit your branding guidelines. You can also make changes to ensure it is consistent with your other plan documents.

Discover how our Equity Intelligence services can support your global equity compensation plans

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