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Finance Teams

CFO & Finance

Here’s why our platform works for you

Whether you’re setting up an equity comp plan for the first time or transitioning from an existing provider, our platform can help reduce the burden of admin, tailored to your company’s specific needs across reporting, tax, compliance and more.


Simplify equity
compensation management

A compelling, financial incentives offering can help your company stand out in a competitive market.


Fast, dependable, clear

Reliability is everything. With reporting at the touch of a button, your plans will be ever ready for inspection, whether from investors and shareholders, or audit and compliance departments.



Go from private to public in one system

There should be no restrictions on your company’s ambition: our platform helps you grow from private to public, local to global, with a seamless journey that transitions your data securely, if and when you need it.


Security and regulations

Peace of mind

Knowing that your data is safe is essential. We’re compliant with global regulations and constantly monitor to manage potential threats.



  • reporting

    Automated Financial Reporting

    Cut down on admin and save time: with all of your stock plan data in the one place you can simplifying expense filing, disclosures, deferred tax and EPS reporting.

  • compliance

    Assistance with compliance

    From dealing with tax requirements in different jurisdictions to navigating local regulations, knowing that you’re working with a trusted provider who can help ensure your share plans are compliant wherever your company operates, equals peace of mind.

  • tailored-insights

    Tailored insights

    Customizable dashboards and dynamic reporting functions allow you to create, analyze and reshape reports in real-time. Get access to comprehensive yet clear information to help enhance your plans.

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